May 15, 2007

Maidens of Virtue Poetry Contest Results!

I am very pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the Maidens of Virtue Poetry Contest! It was a great blessing to see the talent of so many young ladies.
All right, let's start with the 10-17 year old category, "Serving Your Family"...
The grand prize winner is:

Miss Rachel Krause

Read Rachel's poem, A Tale of Two Maidens, below! We liked the creative approach that she took on the subject, turning the poem into a story.
Honorable Mentions for this category are:
Miss Kajsa Nickels ~ Serving My Family
Miss Robyn Gould ~ Helping Mother

Be sure to read their poems below as well.


Now for the 18-15 year old category, "The Proverbs 31 Woman"...
The grand prize winner is:

Miss Leah Shoop

Read Leah's poem, Gold Mists, below. We were pleased with the flow of the rhythm and with how a theme, her hands, carries thoughout the poem.
Honorable Mentions for this category are:
Miss Kathryn Inyart ~ Far More Than Rubies
Miss Jessica Burks ~ For She Has Gifts

All the poems are below, and can also be found on

Now, I can't end without a huge THANK YOU to the sponsors of this contest who generously contributed to the grand prizes:
Roses and Teacups
Hope Chest Legacy
Modest Handmaidens
Family Memories Alive

Thank you so much!

Please feel free to leave a comment congratulating the winners and honorable mentions!

10-17 Grand Prize Winner

A Tale of Two Maidens

By Miss Rachel Krause

As the Father looked below He saw upon a glance,
Two houses, two homes, two families, two girls,
This happened not by chance.

One home He saw held a family of eight, six children and two parents,
Five boys all growing kept their sister sewing
For they didn't have two extra cents.

Money was saved, pennies were pinched, mother and daughter were thrifty
But conserving their spending, neither borrowing not lending,
Meant both hands had to be nifty.

When mother fell sick and didn't have strength to work every day with her daughter,
The girl persevered serving her brothers dear
And making glad her father.

Clothes to be mended, floors to be scrubbed, dishes to wash and to dry,
Windows to sparkle and bathrooms to clean,
All done without even a sigh.

At the end of the day, Hannah paused to reflect on the service that she gladly gave,
When two of her brothers came sat down beside her,
And the work that she did, they praised.

But more than the thanks that her brothers returned, the girl internally knew,
That her father was proud, for the Lord had found
A maiden saying, "Your will I will do."

The Lord Jesus smiled, so pleased and so proud, that this girl was serving her family,
But His smile quickly faded as this view was traded
For a picture not so very pretty.

Again, a house was within His view, full of five, no, four, lively people,
For the fifth of this clan always said, "But I can't!"
And appeared to be daily quite feeble.

For whenever the words, "Help," "Will you?" or "Work," were pronounced in Caroline's presence,
The looks on her face made you think she might faint,
"Besides," she said, "work is for peasants."

And although the mean words never slipped her small lips, she thought of them all the day long,
While she struggled and strained, her lounging to maintain,
Immersed in her selfish grey fog.

The delicate fingers, neither calloused not scratched, held books and hankies all day,
While poor mother slaved, house function to maintain,
Caroline on the sofa lay.

"Oh, mother," she complained, "how my head aches," and, "Oh! What is that smell?"
"Dinner must have burned, Mother, when will you learn?"
"And, someone, go answer the doorbell!"

So on went routine, (her laziness, I mean) causing Mother and Father much grief.
"What shall we do?" Father and Mother dismayed,
"She's not even earning her keep."

At the end of the day, Caroline again lay, Lounging and lazing luxuriously,
But something within her, not happy she seemed,
And the tears began falling down furiously.

Happiness and peace, she could never enjoy, for Caroline did not understand,
That the greatest joy ever is laziness NEVER,
But lending a work ready hand.

So to you, fellow maiden, I offer two choices, you must make the right one today,
Serve the Lord Jesus by serving your family,
For service to God is well-paid!

10-17 Honorable Mention

Serving My Family

By Miss Kajsa Nickels

Setting up the crockpots with soup and rice and beef,
Scrubbing up the dishes and brushing sister's teeth.

Feeding my small brother his rice and apples too,
Chopping up the veggies for beef and bean stew.

Organizing cabinets and stacking things just so,
Packing bags of food and such when it's time to go.

Faithfully changing diapers of any smell or color, :-)
And when Baby gets upset, I take him to his mother.

Joy-full and peace-full, this servanthood is rest;
Because I know this is God's will, I'll do my very best.

10-17 Honorable Mention

Helping Mother

By Miss Robyn Gould

Every evening it is my job to help with supper cleanup, but best of all is washing the dishes with my mother dear. We talk and laugh about the day and from things of the past.
I love helping mother.

Sometimes I vacuum for my brother. Sometimes I wash the floor when mother dear is busy.
Sometimes I clean the kitchen or pick up all the toys.
I love helping mother.

Sometimes I stop to bandage sisters knee. Or pick up baby dear.
And sometimes I help my brother get out his bin of toys or help him reach a book.
I love helping mother.

But sometimes there are unpleasant jobs like doing dirty laundry, and I try not to grumble as I see the mounds of laundry or the dirty messy room, so I think of a song and it helps all the time, and soon I am thinking on pleasant things.
I love helping mother.

But sometimes there is dinner to make and Brother tries to help, and spills the sauce and meat all across my nice clean kitchen floor! And then what do I do? Do I yell at him? No, for I try to be patient and tell him no, but he says, "I am sorry," and then I clean up and it is clean again.
I love helping mother.

But best of all is nighttime when I snuggle into bed knowing that I have done my job and that’s a guarantee.
I love helping mother.

But sometimes there’s a struggle to be patient, loyal and kind, for I must treat my family like royalty and I must help them out, for I am mother’s helper girl and I must help her out!
I love helping mother.

I like serving my family because that’s what God calls us to do!
For when I am helping mother then I please God and I want to please God as well as mother.
I love helping mother.

18-25 Grand Prize Winner

Gold Mists
By Miss Leah Shoop

The silver needle darts through cloth
While pulling tight its scarlet thread,
With hands grown skillful yet still soft
To guide its course across the red.

Those hands create by candle wax
Fine linens fit for royalty,
They deftly work with wool and flax,
Spin silks, weave purple tapestry.

Stretched to the poor the hands extend
With gifts of clothes and food,
They freely give, they freely lend,
And sensitively offer good.

They are a mother's gentle hands,
And she delights to use them well.
To nourish life, God-blown through sand,
She cooks, and hunger's quickly quelled.

She raises daughters, trains her sons,
Wraps them in blessings warm and light,
While to her husband she becomes
A glory glowing ruby bright.

It's more than charm of glance or face,
Slight form, hair straightened smooth or curled.
She shines in mists of holy grace,
Gold mists that meet and mark the world.

18-25 Honorable Mention

Far More Than Rubies
By Miss Kathryn Inyart

A woman of godly virtue, is worth far more than rubies,
And pursuing godly character, is one of our greatest duties.
To be as the woman of Proverbs, we must fear the Lord,
It’s character, not beauty, that we are working toward.
Her example we must follow, more closely with each day,
Not only in our actions, but in what we think and say.

She did her husband good, not evil all her days,
With eager willing hands, she did her work always.
Her husband had no need, of spoil of any kind,
Because she was trustworthy, he could rest with peace of mind.
Industrious, never idle, she worked with cheerful heart,
Not lazy, for she awakened, before the day did start.

Strength and honor were her clothing, she did rejoice in time to come,
She spoke the law of kindness, and opened her mouth with wisdom.
She was generous to all, even gave unto the poor,
Shared willingly with them, from her hard-earned store.
Children rose up and blessed her; her husband gave her praise,
Others did virtuously, yet she excelled them in her ways.

Like her, may our works, bring praise in the gates,
As we learn from her example and follow her virtuous traits.
Let all that we do, ever honor the Lord,
For, “My servant, well done,” is our greatest reward.
May we shine for our King, more than rubies so red,
Not seeking charm or beauty, but godly virtue instead.

18-25 Honorable Mention

For She Has Gifts
By Miss Jessica Burks

Her life is rich because she waits for God to give a man
For she has gifts - of thought, of prayer
Where hope is ripe from fertile trust in God who has a plan.

To serve her man with all her heart does show her love for him
For she has gifts - to praise, to share
A joyful home for God's true work and love to come from them.

She trusts in God to guide her path and know her dream and goal
For she has gifts - of love, of care
To raise a child who loves the Lord with all her heart and soul.

Such love and virtue can be lost without a man around
For she has gifts - so fond, so fair
Which brings to hue a pallid face and echoes from no sound.

The time when God does grant this man will be a joy for me
For I have gifts - I say, I dare
To love his life and join my soul with his in harmony.