May 21, 2009

Essay Contest Wrap-Up

Well, the contest is now closed to entries and we are in the process of judging and evaluating all the wonderful essays we received!

This post is to say that if you submitted a snail mail entry and as of May 21, 2009 have not received an email confirming that we received it, please email me.

We are looking forward to announcing our winners and runners up on June 1st!! Check back then!

May 12, 2009

Calling all bakers!

CCB buttonI want to let all of you know about a fun baking club! It's called "Cross Country Bakers" and was started by two Christian sisters who want to help other ladies expand their baking repertoire. They are looking for more people to join!

It is open to Christian ladies of any age. Each month we pick an overall theme, and a recipe within that theme for each week. Every week everyone in the club makes the recipe (you are free to be creative and substitute ingredients, or even change the recipe around into something else - we've had coffee cake turned into yeast bread before... :-) ). Everyone takes a photo of their finished product and on Saturday posts it on the CCB blog along with their synopsis of how they liked it, what they would do differently next time, and any changes they made.

All you need to join this club is a camera, a Blogger (Google) account (which is free!), an oven and a love of baking! :-)

You can visit the CCB blog HERE. If you have any questions, or to sign up, email Hannah at crosscountrybakers (at)

May 11, 2009

A Reminder!

PRIVATE-Essay Contest buttonDon't forget that FRIDAY, May 15th, is the deadline for entries to the essay contest!!

Electronic essays will be accepted through midnight of the 15th and snail mail entries must be postmarked by the 15th.

Enter soon! We will not be extending the deadline again!

May 8, 2009

Another Giveaway

Well, there are just chances for you to win stuff all over the place! This time it's a DVD of Ken Ham giving a message titled "Top 10 questions about Genesis and Creation."

This giveaway ends on Monday, May 11th. Hop over to to get the details and enter for your chance to win!

Oh, and the graphic giveaway on ends at midnight tonight (May 8th).

Hope you win!! :-)

May 6, 2009

I'm in love with crabapples!

The tree, I mean. :-) I've never tried an actual crabapple but around this time of year, the trees are bursting with blooms. I don't think it's possible to squeeze more flowers together. These trees are just loaded with flowers!! This is one of my favorite times of the year because I can go out with my best friend - my camera :-) - and take millions (that is almost not an exaggeration) of floral pictures! I'm sharing some with you. All of them are crabapple varieties except the fourth and last pictures, which are of our cherry tree, which I love just as much as the crabapple trees.

Images are Copyrighted © Kathryn Grace Photography