December 29, 2010

Photography Contest - Last Chance

Well, folks... I'm still amazed the year has gone by so quickly. There are only 2 more days left of December and then we enter 2011. You know what that also means... yes, the photography contest is ending!

I've received some beautiful entries thus far and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes in at the last minute. You are free to submit as many photos as you like before midnight on December 31, 2010! (Ok, and I won't turn you away if you happen to get your entry in at 12:01 am on January 1, 2011! :-)).

Remember, there is no entry fee and you could win a free blog makeover (for Blogger) from and a free photo frame from!

Click on the banner below to read the rules and enter your photos!

Photo Contest Banner

December 16, 2010

For only a dollar...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Sense & Sensibility Patterns. If you do not follow their website frequently, however, you may not know about their Dollar Downloads, which are downloads of period articles on fashion, etc. that are actually from the era. There are a lot of early 1900's and 1940's-50's available. These would be very interesting for anyone who loves historical fashion, especially for use in research if you are making an authentic gown. Each one is only a dollar! Check it out!

P.S. Like historical sewing and old fashioned things? Check out this new blog (and leave her a comment!): A Lass of Yesteryear

December 11, 2010

Photography Contest... Last Weeks!

Photo Contest Banner

Time is running out for the Maidens of Virtue Photography Contest! The deadline for entries is December 31, 2010... that's less than 3 weeks away! You can enter as many photos as you wish for more chances to win our great prizes! Click on the banner above to visit the contest page.

Please pass this on to your friends!