October 17, 2007

Random Musings on Aprons

I love aprons.

I don't mean the kind of apron you usually find in a department store, that has nothing pretty about it except maybe the fabric. I'm talking about "girly-girl" aprons - the old-fashioned kind that is gathered at the waist, has two ties that go over the shoulders and meet the ties at the waist; the kind that has ruffles at the shoulders and around the hem. That is what I call an apron. The other stereotype "aprons" should be called clothing protectors or something.

The value of the apron has been lost over the generations. Aprons used to be worn all the time. If you think about it, it really does make complete sense. An apron is worn to protect the clothing, and if visitors arrive or Dad comes home, the apron can be whisked off and there you are, fresh and clean. Probably the concept has gradually been forgotten as women have started to dress more casually and pants have less risk of becoming soiled.

Now, all that said, I admit that the majority of the time I do not wear an apron around the house; but I beg to say that the reason is that I do not yet have a "pretty" one as I mentioned earlier. But I am planning to make one, and trust that I shall begin wearing it regularly once it is finished!

The benefits of wearing an apron:
It keeps your clothing clean and consequently ready for anything! :-)
The skirt of an apron makes a very handy "basket" for laundry, veggies from the garden, and other sundry items
It lends a sense of femininity and-
It can even give you the motivation to do your housework with joy! (Or at least do it {smile})

Several months ago, my grandparents on my mom's side came for a visit, and you know how grandmas are always bringing you things that they found in their closets or picked up at Hobby Lobby. Well, this time my grandma (Oma, we call her - it's Dutch for grandma, and my mom's side of the family is Dutch) came armed with a very special thing - my great-great-oma's apron! She (great-great-Oma) wore it everyday, except Sunday because she had a special white Sunday apron. It's still in wonderful condition, and almost looks brand new, which tells me she took great care of it. What a treasure to have something from so long ago, and from my own family!

Well, I hope this hasn't bored you, but rather inspired you to begin wearing an apron regularly - a real apron.

October 9, 2007

The New Hope Chest Record Book

Guess what... I have just recently published a new version of The Hope Chest Record Book, which was (and still is) available through the Maidens of Virtue Shoppe. This new version is hardcover, so it is created to last and be passed down for generations to come. And it has 100 entry pages, instead of 28 like the original paperback, combound version. Yes, it is more expensive - but you are getting a keepsake with a lot more room for filling that chest to overflowing! You can purchase this through Maidens of Virtue (on the same page as the original) or from Fairhaven Press.